Impulse Out-of-Control

Yesterday, I had the literal Worst Hangover of My Life. I gagged every time I sat up until like 6 pm. And during this time of a pounding headache forcing me into sleepless stillness, I thought to myself, “why can’t I do anything in moderation?” It’s either nothing or everything. I’m either drinking like I […]

Absolute Moral Relativism?

Noah’s ark is a weird story. No, it’s not because of the idea that one could fit 35,000 species of spiders onto one boat. No, it’s not because of the notion of a firmament separating sea and sky that breaks to flood the earth. No, it’s not even because of the concept that every type of animal on […]

Navigating Privilege, Mental Illness, and the Trump Administration

  In my endless perusal of mental health blogs, articles, and resources on the Internet, I noticed a new theme emerge over the past week: Stop watching the news! The crux of this is that one can still be compassionate about political issues without getting immersed in them, and, well, that sounds like advice given […]

Why I Write Poetry But Love Music

Poetry may be my favorite medium for creation, but music is my favorite type of art to consume. “Consume” isn’t the right word really except in the sense that I listen to so much of it that I absorb it like a sponge. I definitely don’t mean “consume” in an accumulation-for-accumulation’s-sake (i.e., capitalist) sense. While […]

Facts Are Fiction. (Or, I Didn’t Come From No Monkey)

Good god, this could double as a list of criticisms of the Trump administration. ANYWAY, guess who didn’t believe in evolution or the Big Bang Theory until college. This girl. Guess who thought climate change was a leftist conspiracy and that a tiny clump of cells was sentient enough to have human rights. *Nervously raises […]

10 Low-Stress Ways to Resist the Trump Administration

So you want to organize and join the resistance against the Trump administration, but you have a mental illness – or physical – that makes travel, large crowds, reaching out to people, planning ahead, and maybe even just getting out of bed extremely difficult. You know the new leadership in Washington DC will likely gut […]

Obfuscating the Unexplainable

“His ways are greater than our ways.” Ah, the rallying cry of uncertain people who don’t want or are scared to admit their uncertainty, who cannot accept a world without a figure of absolute authority, and who think authority figures can act in ways that don’t make sense to the rest of the world by […]

“Repeal and Replace” and the Mentally Ill

Given that the apocalypse is nigh, I’ve been digging into the policy implications of a – in the words of Elizabeth Bishop, “write it!” – Donald Trump presidency for mental healthcare, which is something I’m not even sure he’s done. By sheer virtue of his (and literally every conservative’s) desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act, it […]

OCD and Me

I think I’m a glutton for punishment in terms of what I watch on TV. First Bojack Horseman and now a documentary that spotlights several stories in a British pediatric psych ward. Barring the years I dealt with extreme childhood anxiety, I wasn’t officially diagnosed with OCD until the age of seventeen, so I technically […]

Let’s Talk About [Old Pastors Having] Sex [Using Creepy Euphemisms], Baby.

The most warped messages I have internalized because of Christianity deal with – you guessed it – sexuality and being a woman more generally. I have not shed the influence of these detrimental teachings, and I’m not sure I ever will completely. I generally cry and feel physically ill when I think about it. As […]