Navigating Privilege, Mental Illness, and the Trump Administration

  In my endless perusal of mental health blogs, articles, and resources on the Internet, I noticed a new theme emerge over the past week: Stop watching the news! The crux of this is that one can still be compassionate about political issues without getting immersed in them, and, well, that sounds like advice given […]

10 Low-Stress Ways to Resist the Trump Administration

So you want to organize and join the resistance against the Trump administration, but you have a mental illness – or physical – that makes travel, large crowds, reaching out to people, planning ahead, and maybe even just getting out of bed extremely difficult. You know the new leadership in Washington DC will likely gut […]

Ten Things I Learned From Climbing out of Rock Bottom

Last semester was a complete and utter shitshow from start to finish. Hypomanic binge drinking myself right into the most severe depressive episode of my life was a wake up call for me as well as for everyone I know. After three weeks of nothingness (Christmas break), I have returned to my “normal” – a […]

The Only Yoga Practice That Actually Alleviates My Anxiety

If you read the chronicles of my journey through the treacherous waters of anxiety, you’ll see that one of my pet peeves is empty self-help articles with things like “think positive,” “exercise,” “sit in the sun and stare at a butterfly,” etc. as viable roads to healing. Way to diminish the complexity of mental health […]

Substituting Yoga for Alcohol

Given the recommendations of my psychiatrist, I quit drinking cold turkey a couple weeks ago. Apparently bipolar people don’t really get to have any fun apart from the crazy roller coaster our minds subject us to. Anyway, going from 3 bottles of wine a week plus whatever I drank on weekends to nothing is, in […]

Nine Dissociative Affirmations that Will Make You Forget Your Life

I found a list of particularly disturbing positive affirmations that are supposed to give my usual positive affirmations some “umph.” Of course, this is operating under the assumption that my mirror is already covered in sticky notes full of platitudes, but my mirror is covered in toothpaste and mascara. So minus one for me. Anyway, […]