The Belittling of Detractors

I’ve mentioned this in passing, but the systematic and strategic belittling of my deconversion warrants closer inspection if for no other reason than Christians’ denial that they do this. If I had a dollar for every time someone said, “this is just a period of rebellion,” I would literally just set that pile of money […]

Absolute Moral Relativism?

Noah’s ark is a weird story. No, it’s not because of the idea that one could fit 35,000 species of spiders onto one boat. No, it’s not because of the notion of a firmament separating sea and sky that breaks to flood the earth. No, it’s not even because of the concept that every type of animal on […]

Facts Are Fiction. (Or, I Didn’t Come From No Monkey)

Good god, this could double as a list of criticisms of the Trump administration. ANYWAY, guess who didn’t believe in evolution or the Big Bang Theory until college. This girl. Guess who thought climate change was a leftist conspiracy and that a tiny clump of cells was sentient enough to have human rights. *Nervously raises […]

Obfuscating the Unexplainable

“His ways are greater than our ways.” Ah, the rallying cry of uncertain people who don’t want or are scared to admit their uncertainty, who cannot accept a world without a figure of absolute authority, and who think authority figures can act in ways that don’t make sense to the rest of the world by […]

Let’s Talk About [Old Pastors Having] Sex [Using Creepy Euphemisms], Baby.

The most warped messages I have internalized because of Christianity deal with – you guessed it – sexuality and being a woman more generally. I have not shed the influence of these detrimental teachings, and I’m not sure I ever will completely. I generally cry and feel physically ill when I think about it. As […]

Vague Dissent Is Discouraged, and Specified Dissent Is Demonized.

I was always a curious child, and that didn’t dissipate even when I was heavily involved in the religious community. I prided myself on the extent to which I knew the narrative of Christianity and philosophical, historical, and ”scientific” defenses of its truth. There was a very clear line, though, where the questioning had to […]

How Religion Hurt My Mental Health

This will likely be a 10-part series on the main ways religion and lack of religion have contributed to my mental illness. With so many blogs talking about the ways religion helps mental health, I feel the need to throw the opposing view out there, but not simply to play devil’s advocate. This is an issue close […]